Wil Sylvince & Andy Curtain are fish out of water in their new show, 'Legal Aliens'

Tell us about your show. Wil grew up in New York in a Haitian immigrant family and I’ve been living in China for 9 years. We’ve on-and-off been gigging around Asia and NYC for years together and our comedy really connected, feeling like fish out of water.

The idea for the show was born when… Wil asked me to do the show with him, and I thought he was joking. I still think he was joking.

What does your show teach the audience? How to speak English with a heavy accent.

What inspires you about MICF? Running around the CBD during the fest is like comedy Disney. There are huge shows, little shows, things you didn’t know could be shows. I watched Richard Gadd run on a treadmill for an hour, with comics from Bombay, and when we talked outside, a guy was busking with punchlines.

Can you share a moment your cast has always remembered? We shot a video in Shanghai’s marriage market, trying to match Wil with suitors. It was a disaster. Chinese people were confused, the white guy pitching Wil looked like a plantation owner, and 30 police appeared out of the bushes and nabbed us all. I don’t know how we got out.

Venue: Greek Centre, Aphrodite's Room
Dates: Thursday March 29 - Sunday April 22 (bar Mondays)
Tickets: $21 - $28