Whoever strung this oBike up like E.T. is the hero Melbourne deserves

Something to phone home about. 

Without a doubt, oBikes are simultaneously the greatest and worst thing to happen to Melbourne in 2017. On one hand, there's more bicycles-turned-garbage scattered around the city and throughout the Yarra than we know what to do with. But on the other hand, the inventive ways Melburnians have been stashing them knows no bounds. And at the end of the day, it's also pretty bloody hilarious. 

We've seen oBikes placed atop of trees, on the roofs of venues, and bundled into a melange of yellow and steel metal as if some sort of avant-garde installation. But this one takes the cake. 

Spotted in a laneway off Brunswick Street, this oBike has been given the extraterrestrial treatment. And by that, we mean that some absolute weapon has gone through the effort to string this bad boy up like a scene from E.T, red hoodie and all. 

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Glorious, isn't it? 

And there's the O.G for reference. 

This oBike shenanigans has officially been taken to another level. oBikes forever. Death to oBikes. Either way, we're here for the ride.