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Visionaries: Inside The Mind of Tom Ford

We don’t actually know much about the King of Fashion. Wikipedia provides us with some information about his “early life”; some dates and achievements, but these of course, being from Wikipedia, are questionable. The man who is renown for his legendary turnaround of Gucci on the brink of bankruptcy in the '90s has never let cameras, reporters and journalists rip that curtain down. Until now. 

Visionaries: Inside The Mind of Tom Ford is the first film in which the man behind the (well thought out and beautifully draped) curtain is pulled back and Ford’s life is revealed. In this candid documentary, the man behind the name and some of the industries largest fashion houses is revealed.
The film manages to remove all of the stigma surrounding the fashion industry and those involved, it engages an audience with an industry many of us are unfamiliar with and often quite frightened of. Although  short, it focuses intimately on Tom Ford’s reflection as the King of Fashion and as of a simple man, interested in fine art and well thought out products. Even if you didn’t know anything about Ford, or the industry in which he saved, you will leave liking him. He seems quite kind really and quite possibly, normal- which is as strange to you as it is to me. 

Visionaries: Inside The Mind of Tom Ford premieres at ACMI on Tuesday September 4 as part of their Deep In Vogue: Fashion on Film series.