Uber to launch new carpool service in Melbourne

Fancy hitching a ride? 

There’s good news if you’re short on money or social interaction with the UberPool app launching in Melbourne next week.

After a successful trial in Sydney, from Monday, Melbournians can select the UberPool option in the Uber app. Translation: you can now ride with other people going in a similar direction and save up to half of the price you’d pay to ride solo in an UberX. 

But the savings aren’t the only incentive to ride UberPool, because it is also hoping to help the cost of congestion on Melbourne roads by loading more people into fewer cars. The UberPool app has already had this effect on Sydney roads, with over 60,000 Sydneysiders taking a Pool trip since the launch in April this year, equating to over 200,000 kilometres travelled with fewer cars on the road. 

If the whole travelling with strangers thing doesn’t sit well with you, rest assured that from the Sydney tests, the majority of Pool rides were rated five stars by both riders and drivers. 

So in the spirit of the release, practice your small talk and try it for yourself. It's for the greater good.

Uber’s ride sharing service UberPool is set to launch in Melbourne on Monday June 11.