'Two Jews Walk into a Theatre' to Make Melbourne World Premiere

Devised and performed by acclaimed director/performer Brian Lipson and choreographer/director Gideon Obarzanek, Two Jews Walk into a Theatre sees these artists present themselves as their fathers on stage.   

It’s probably a good thing that Zenek Obarzanek and Laurence Lipson never met in real life, but the fictional meeting of these two irascible old men makes for entertaining and provocative theatre – with both their disagreements and affinities being equally intense. 
Deceptively simple, subtly affecting and packed with surprise, this new work portrays two fathers with all the intimacy, understanding and horror that only a son can supply – it’s funny, poignant and alarming. 

Two Jews Walk into a Theatre will make its world premiere at Arts House Tuesday August 23 - Sunday August 28.