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TT3D: Closer to the Edge

Even if you’re not into bike racing,
You’ll still find this film quite amazing,
With each twist and turn,
Your stomach will churn,
But what fate are all these riders facing?
Rating: A
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Forget about Real Steel, TT3D: Closer to the Edge is the best movie about man and his machine you will see all year. In fact, it’s easily the best sports movie I’ve seen in a long time.
Walking into this thing, I knew absolutely nothing about the Isle of Man motorcycle race and now I can’t wait until next year to see what has happened to the racers involved. In that sense, this is also one of the best marketing campaigns for a sporting event and there’s no doubt similar docos will follow soon.
TT3D documents the main contenders of 2010’s Isle of Man TT as they prepare and then compete in the five separate stages of the world’s most dangerous motorcycle race... but who will plummet and who will prevail?
At the centre of it all is the mutton-chopped maverick Guy Martin, who couldn’t have been more animated if they had a trained actor playing the role. He has his fair share of foes and followers, but there’s no denying that he lives for the race.
Standing in his way is long-list of racers who all have their own reasons for competing – whether it’s for personal conquests, family history or just a place in history. There’s Michael Dunlop, whose father died in a similar motorcycle race, John McGuinness, who holds the most individual wins in the history of the race and English-born die-hard, Ian Hutchinson.
This is also the best 3D transfer I’ve seen for a while, adding to the overall experience by showing you every twist and turn of the mountainous course. For most part, it actually feels like you’re going along for the ride.
I can’t tell you much more because it will ruin the ending, but definitely go and see this at the cinema. The experience won’t be the same on a smaller screen.
Rating: A