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Tripod To Play Two Shows At The Arts Centre


You love them, we love them – everybody loves them. Yep, that quirky comedy trio, Tripod, are back with their new comedy show Men Of Substance.

Boys? Men? Men’s men? Lady boys? In their new production, armed with tattered wisdom, cheap scotch and unlicensed firearms, the boys from Tripod will bring to bear their hard-earned chops to show you how and in what way the scorching charismageddon of the new generation has morphed into craggy fugitives with a suitcase of regrets and a glass eye. Confused yet? Don’t be. 

Catch Tripod in Men Of Substance at the Arts Centre’s Playhouse from February 23-24. They’re only performing two shows, so get in quick ‘cause this is a performance not to be missed.