Tim Batt delights audiences in 'Ladies and Gentlemen'


If you’re looking for a hilarious, laid back evening at this year’s comedy festival, than New Zealand's Tim Batt is your man. Taking place in the basement room of Caz Reitop’s Dirty Secrets Bar, the intimate Ladies and Gentlemen manages to weave fast paced energy and rapid fire jokes with a casual attitude. Batt’s laid-back demeanour quickly works to create a carefree rapport with the audience.
The show begins with him feverishly deconstructing “what it means to be an amazing comic”, dismantling the form and skewering it in a way that, while simplistic, is fun and never comes across as arrogance. The absurdist opener quickly gives way to a more traditional stand-up set, changing the pace of the evening as Batt proceeds to joke about his appearance, Australian culture and tries his best to avoid politics.
The most appealing aspect of Ladies and Gentlemen is the stage presence Batt exudes while performing. His approach towards the audience and attitude towards his own material is a jovial one that makes the entire show feel like you’re hanging out with a mate for an hour - riveted as you hear them tell the story of the time they accidentally shit their pants. The show delicately walks the line between lowbrow, juvenile humour and loftier, more personal tales with the two styles being masterfully interwoven. Batt pushes on with his latest hour of material, throwing out jokes with no common link apart from that fact it’ll make you laugh.
Batt openly admits that there’s no real cohesion to the show - that it’s just random pieces and jokes cobbled together for this year’s festival - but somehow this works to his advantage. The lack of narrative drive with his show works to amplify the underlying feel the performance gives of just hanging out with mates and telling stories. Tim Batt’s Ladies and Gentlemen is a hilarious and laid back evening of comedy that’s sure to be one of the hidden gems of this year’s festival.
By Chris Swan