These musicians and comedians are recapping the tragedy that was 2018

Let's reminisce on the year that was.

For some, 2018 was an absolute dumpster fire of a year. For others, it was an absolute delight. No matter how you've felt this year has gone, the Wheeler Centre will be recapping it with a song, a dance and a laugh.

In their annual event, The Show of the Year, the Wheeler Centre has brought together a handful of artists, comedians, musicians and scientists to reminisce on the year that was, by highlighting significant milestones that took place over the 365 days. The Feed's Jan Fran will bring her signature wit, Mama Alto will whip up a cabaret spectacular and Dr Alan Duffy will flaunt his sexy astronomical knowledge to open our eyes just that little bit wider.

If last year's recap by the Wheeler Centre is anything to go by, guests can expect a mixture of glee and melancholy to really evoke that feeling of nostalgia.

Have a quick listen to the Wheeler Centre's 2017 recap for a sneak peek of what to expect: 

The Wheeler Centre's The Show of the Year takes place on Saturday December 1. Tickets are available on the Wheeler Centre's website.