There's now a board game based on Melbourne's public transport system

Some absolute weapon has turned Melbourne's lauded and loathed public transport system into a tabletop party game. 

Touch On is the name of the game, in which two or more players set off on a journey - 'accidentally' fare evading their way across Melbourne and trying to pick up as few fines as possible, all while trying to catch their mates out along the way. 


The goal is simple: get your characters home or out to that new bar you've been keen on without touching on and without getting caught. Just like real life. 


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An example from the game. 


Certain characters can only catch a certain tram or bus line, while others are a bit more flexible with their fare evading approach. Tactics to bamboozle your way out of fines include 'I'm from out of town' bluffing and Steven Bradbury finishes. 


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"Can I buy one from you?" - every fare evader since Myki came in. 


Of course, it wouldn't be PTV without a dose of undercover inspectors (also known as 'm8s') out to mess things up. They're covered too, and getting caught by one will have you wishing you touched on in the first place. Again, just like real life. 

Head to their Kickstarter campaign for more details.