Take part in a real life 'Star Wars' battle

The ultimate cosplay experience. 

Dust off your Storm Trooper costumes, pull on those Chewbacca masks and grab your lightsabers, an epic Star Wars battle is hitting Melbourne and Sydney.

Battle War invites groups of 13 to go head to head in the ultimate cosplay experience, with an overall 32 groups duelling it out in a knock-out style battle to find the ultimate winner who will take home the grand prize - contents of which are yet to be announced. 

The day will be filled with Star Wars themed music and immersive entertainment to keep you occupied when you're not on the battlegrounds, plus there will be a huge afterparty after the battle. Details are slim at the moment, though Battle War promises worthy locations for the events.  

Dates and locations are yet to be announced, sign up here to stay in the loop.