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The Story of Mary Maclane

19th century American female revolutionary, Mary Maclane, takes to the Australian stage.

19th and 20th century America was culturally assualted by activist, wordsmith and teen idol, Mary Maclane. Her memoirs, written at the age of 19, bashed American hypocrisy and sexism, causing an uproar from some and the adoration of many others. Now the subject of acclaimed theatre company, Ride On Theatre, the story of this wanton rebel will be recreated in an innovative stage performance. Featuring a ragtime and blues inspired score from Australian musical great, Tim Rogers, the production boasts credentials like no other. The titular Maclane will be played by blonde beauty, Bojana Novakovic, who will possess the body of this wild poet and cultural revolutionary.

Tickets available at the Malthouse Theatre, starting at $26.