Step into the brains of the world’s most mysterious artists with ‘The Museum of Everything'

Making it’s Australian premiere, works from some of today’s most unintentional, untrained, undiscovered and unclassifiable artists will be unveiled in Tasmania.

Concisely put by exhibition founder, James Brett, “The Museum of Everything is not an exhibition of art objects. It’s a dictionary of private languages, a survey of human behaviours and an encyclopaedia of profound beliefs.
“Our artists do not create for the markets or museums. They make because they must and – from Henry Darger to Nek Chand Saini – have something vital to say about the essence of their lives. We invite you to discover them and their lifetime’s labour. We hope that they move you as they have always moved us.”
The exhibition will feature over 1500 works from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, arranged over a series of themed spaces uncovering rare drawings, sculptures and paintings as well as ceramics, collage and photography.

The Museum of Everything comes to Mona from Saturday June 10 until Monday April 2, 2018 and will be launched during Dark Mofo.