'Rick and Morty' now has an Operation board game

The adventure continues.

Aw geez, looks like someone's decided to combine two gruesome pieces of pop culture into one Frankenstein's monster of a creation: Rick and Morty and Operation.

Made by USAopoly, the board game is focused around the season one episode 'Anatomy Park'. In the episode, Rick has created a theme park inside a homeless man and injects Morty inside the man to save it. The 13 'funatomy' parts you can remove from the patient refer to the attractions found at Anatomy Park, including Pirates of the Pancreas, Tuberculosis and Bladder Falls. Gross.

Some bad news, though: the game currently isn't available for Aussies to get their hands on. But hey, we've witnessed first-hand the people power Rick and Morty fans can amass (see: the Szechuan sauce incident), so never say never.

Check out the Rick and Morty Operation board game here.