Snafu Design

Tell us about Snafu Design’s origins. We’re a sister duo who both have small children. Having a flexible work life is important to us. Starting a business together was a way for us to find a work/home life balance, give us a creative outlet, and also give us an excuse to spend time together.
Where do you draw the inspiration for your designs? Our urban surroundings – we both live and work in Brunswick. Also, growing up on the far north coast of NSW has given us an appreciation for the natural world. 
What is the ultimate accessory and why? Earrings! Earrings! Earrings! They’re our thing. (psst…we will expand into necklaces and brooches in the New Year).
What is Snafu’s key message or statement? Be bold with your ears and never grow up.
What sets Snafu apart from other jewellery/accessory brands? This season we’re all about odd earrings and mixing glitter with pastels and other colours to create contrast and texture.
Tell us about some of the designs we can expect to see at Coburg Night Market? Our range is extensive, with a massive range of colours, glitters, shapes and sizes. Our latest range is inspired by plant life, fronds, flowers and leaves.

Find Snafu Design at Coburg Night Market, taking place every Friday until Friday December 15. Shop their full range, and keep updated on their latest designs, on their website.