The Sketch Comedy Magicians' 'Gone Girl' will thrill you to your core

We step inside their Comedy Festival show, 'Gone Girl'. 

Tell us about your show. Packed with a colourful cast of characters, Gone Girl takes you on a shameless parody of Hollywood thrillers, following one man and the perilous quest to save his kidnapped dog. We think it’s best described as Harold and Kumar meets Taken, sautéed with a dash of David Copperfield (because magic is great when you don’t have a special effects budget).

The idea for the show was born when… I think we were watching the seventh, eighth or twentieth Saw film and just realised that a sketch comedy thriller was something the world desperately needed.

Who are your biggest influences? We both love Key & Peele for their cinematic approach to sketch comedy, and have aimed to create a similar level of highly-produced, story-driven immersion for our audience.

What's a fun fact about the show? The show is packed with references to some of our favourite Hollywood thrillers. It’s always fun to see which ones our audiences spot.

Does your show have any audience participation? We couldn’t call ourselves magicians if there wasn’t! We routinely call upon our audience to contribute items and ideas that add a unique flavour to each show.

Describe your show in three words Liam Neeson approves. Well, we’re at least pretty confident he would approve.

Can you share a memorable cast moment? We have a little competition to see who can drop the funniest adlib moment into each show. Obviously the audience doesn’t know when this happens, but the giveaway is usually one or both of us suddenly trying to act through suppressed laughter.

Venue: The 86
Dates: Thursday April 12 - Saturday April 14 & Thursday April 19 - Saturday April 21
Tickets: $20 - $25