The Show Must (Not) Go On

What’s the central premise of your show? Exploring the #MeToo and #NotSoFast movements from a local context through performance and conversation.

What does your show say about society today? It continues the important #MeToo conversation, whilst raising the issue of perpetrators making a ‘comeback’ – hence the development of #NotSoFast. The event will explore the impact the movement has had in Australia, changes that should happen in the industry, and where we want to go to
from here.

What do you want the audience to take away from your show? We’d love them to leave with an understanding of the implications of the #MeToo movement for the Australian theatre and performance communities, and its impacts on creative women.

How does your show play with convention? Rather than a standard panel discussion, this conversation brings together four performers and activists to present unique interpretations of #MeToo. Each panel member will respond to #MeToo through performance, with one of Australia’s most controversial public intellectuals, Van Badham, pushing the boundaries of performers.

Who are the panel members? On the panel are: Jennifer Piper (actor, broadcaster, theatre-maker, designer and founder of wit incorporated theatre company), Van Badham (writer, commentator, activist and theatre-maker), Candy Bowers (multidisciplinary artist, writer, actor, activist and comic performer) and a soon-to-be-revealed addition.

Check out The Show Must (Not) Go On at MetroWest, Victoria University on Wednesday September 19 from 6pm. Entry is free.