Sediment @ Gasworks


A part of After Dark Theatre Company’s lineup of stellar events at Gasworks for Melbourne Fringe Festival, Company 2 duo Chelsea McGuffin and David Carberry bring a measure of old circus by way of devised contemporary movement and dance. Set within a Parisian bohemian style, tone and aesthetic, the two performers brought both a captivating storyline with stunning feats of skill, strength and showmanship.
This pair, like all exceptionally skilled artists make the most difficult maneuvers look like a walk in the park. Both company performers gave the audience finely tuned gesture and at times gravity-defying moves that were both expressive of the human spirit's struggle with both self and love. Balanced with a joyful, funny, and at times clownish approach to expression,  their use of song, musical instruments, dance and acrobatics created a feast for the senses.
Admittedly, I was not particularly in the mood for a circus-style form of entertainment. However, I found myself wrapped up in the world these two performers spun together. By the end of it, I was wrapped up in the production. Feeling very welcomed by Company 2's production, this small-scale show is in a class all on its own. An exceptional show for all the family, it's a ticket to grab, and it won’t disappoint.