Sacha Baron Cohen's new show 'Who Is America?' to hit Stan

Very nice. 

The man behind wacky ventures such as BoratAli G and The Dictator is back with his latest project, a series dubbed Who Is America?, set to premiere on Australian streaming service Stan next week. 

The program is shrouded in mystery, with Cohen secretly working on the seven-part series over the past year, though we can expect to see a satirical look at the political climate of America and the overall jigsaw that makes up the United States. 

Known for his unapologetic sense of humour which knows no bounds, you can guarantee that Who Is America? is going to go in pretty hard on Trump and just the general state of the United States. The program will be delivered through Stan weekly on the same day as the US. 

Catch Who Is America? exclusively on Stan weekly from Sunday July 15.