Radical Yes

When was Radical Yes launched? InSpring 2013. We have just celebrated four years since our first delivery.
What was the initial inspiration behind Radical Yes? To create a range of flat shoes that were both comfortable and stylish, that you could wear with your yoga gear.
What inspires your designs now? A combination of modernity and athleticism. Our customers are also a huge inspiration. They are creative, intelligent and active wonder-women and they give us the purpose we need to push on.
What is the message behind Radical Yes? Creativity will set you free.
What trends should we be looking out for this summer? Slingbacks. Slingbacks. Did we mention slingbacks?
Describe Radical Yes in five words. Creative. Intelligent. Joyful. Active. Authentic.
What does your ideal shoe look and feel like? Flat-soled and functional first, followed closely by beautiful materials and textured handles with absolutely perfect proportions. 

Find Radical Yes’ new store at 554 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne.