Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince lock in Melbourne show

Brian Cox is one of the world’s foremost scientific communicators – enlightening crowds with his simplistic and entertaining explanations. Now, he's heading back to Melbourne. 

A particle physicist at the University of Manchester and Royal Society Professor for Public Engagement in Science, Cox has spent plenty of time on television screens making sophisticated sound easy – boosting the popularity of astronomy, physics and exploration in the process.


His counterpart Robin Ince is a British comedian, actor and writer who co-hosts BBC Radio4’s The Infinite Monkey Cage alongside Cox. Ince is most famous for his stand-up comedy work and has performed alongside the likes of Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Jimmy Carr in the past.


Professor Brian Cox will unravel a slice of his refined acuity at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre’s Plenary theatre on Thursday November 2.