Pop Wilder gives you green friends even in the grey months

What is Pop Wilder and how did it get started? Pop Wilder was inspired by the change that the inclusion of living with indoor plants made on our lives personally. While working as a landscape architect and psychologist/counsellor respectively, Mishka and Rudi realised that having an immense amount of fresh, living greenery encouraged them to smile more and genuinely enjoy walking in the front door of their home.

What services does Pop Wilder offer? We supply at an individual level, and also offer plant styling for offices, cafes, restaurants, retail stores and more. Home deliveries are also a pillar of the business, allowing customers from across Melbourne to access high quality, affordable greenery even if they don’t have the means to transport plants home. We also provide our clients with ongoing support, so they can ask questions and receive advice about plant care to keep their lush new greens super happy.

What kinds of plants do you offer? The stock is relative to the seasons and curated to be easy to care for and hardy, but generally caters for a hybrid mix of both popular and rare plants. We will often call on the many contacts Mishka has made to research and source those hard-to-find plants.

What makes Pop Wilder the perfect place for a winter visit? The team at Pop invite anyone interested in escaping the frosty climate outside to come in and explore the marvellous creations the “jungle” has to offer. Perhaps you could even begin a wild jungle of your own.

Head to Pop Wilder’s space at 106 St Kilda Road, St Kilda to check out their plant offerings and to chat to them more about their styling and design services.