Pop a fkn mono because Melbourne's getting a 2.5km bicycle highway

Melbourne's set to score a 2.5km bicycle veloway built above Footscray road, to make it easier and faster to ride into the CBD. 

The veloway will bypass multiple traffic lights, bolstered with escape hatches and stairs so commuters can easily exit if they stack or puncture a tyre. 
But hey, if slamming down the bike highway isn't your thing - you'll still be able to take the existing bike path along Footscray Road for a more leisurely cruise, which is slated to be widened and upgrade.  
In a further coup for bikeriders, another 14 kilometres of upgraded cycling paths will be created including new passages and missing links along the Federation Trail and the Kororoit Creek Trail.  

The new veloway will start a Shepherd's Bridge, Footscray and finish on Dudley Street, Docklands.