Photography Studies College

Tell us about Photography Studies College. Photography Studies College is Australia’s oldest independent educational institute for photography. We’re an innovative, multiple award-winning college, offering the highest quality learning experience within an expert and nurturing community. Our courses are led by forward-thinking, industry professionals passionate about their craft and education.

Describe a typical Photography Studies College student? As we offer a range of full and part-time courses, our students arrive from a diverse demographic. Our full-time students are typically school leavers that hold an ambition to make a career of photography though there are often some mature-age students in the mix. They’re open to pursuing their creative passion and are enthusiastic to see where photography can take them.

How do your lessons foster a sense of community? PSC is an open and creative community, where students from diverse backgrounds come together with a common aim to become better photographers and image makers. Everyone at PSC is immersed in creative and practical approaches to photography and engages with the sharing of ideas and experiences, encouraging peer support and a culture of inclusiveness.

What are you most proud of at Photography Studies College? We’re proud to share that many of our students and graduates continue to impact the world of photography with their achievements both locally and abroad, publishing books, being featured in galleries worldwide. Many of our students have won prestigious awards, and gone on to lead successful careers in all facets of the photographic industry.

Photography Studies College is located at 65 City Rd, Southbank.