A permanent Bon Scott statue has been erected in Melbourne

Looking down on AC/DC lane. 

A new and permanent tribute to AC/DC legend Bon Scott has been erected outside Cherry Bar. 

The collaborative effort between the Victorian Government’s ‘Rockin’ The Laneways’ Initiative, Cherry owner and booker James Young and local street artist Mike Makatron arrives as a large-scale ode to the famed frontman. 

"I’ve painted the laneway annually for about five years now - always a varied interpretation of the theme of music and it’s an honour to add a permanent 3D element that pays tribute to a great Australian rock and roll band and its lead singer Bon Scott, but also to music in general," said Makatron.  
“Thanks to all, especially the vision of James Young of Cherry Bar who instigated the idea and grant application with Creative Victoria." 

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Check it out outside of Cherry Bar