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Penguin Cafe Returns

Since October last year until March this year Melbourne Recital Centre brings the infectious captivating sounds of Penguin Cafe to light. Creating a mix of global sounds that are both familiar and new, Penguin Cafe’s music has lent its quirkiness and offbeat loveliness to films like Napoleon Dynamite, TV commercials, programs as well as radio.

The original Penguin Cafe Orchestra founded by Simon Jeffes, held a strong cord from 1972- 1997 and so too does the new beloved ensemble in today’s era as Jeffes’ son Arthur breathes new life into the talent assemble of musicians. The young band of mixed personalities not unlike those of the original orchestra have a redefined style which maintains the quintessential English sound but adds fresh material.

Bookings for the event held on Monday March 5 at 7.30 pm at Elisabeth Murdoch Hall, Melbourne Recital Centre.