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Paul Kelly Film Screening And Performance

Miss out on MIFF tickets to Paul Kelly - Stories Of Me?. Yeah, us too. But take solace in the fact that the film (which sold out nearly instantly at MIFF) will be showcased in a very special manner later in the year.

The soon-to-be-reopened Hamer Hall will host a screening of the film replete with a live performance from the film's subject, as well as a Q&A with director Ian Darling.


Paul Kelly - Stories Of Me is an intimate portrait of the very private man behind the music. For almost 40 years, in over 350 songs, Paul Kelly has been mapping out the Australian landscape and its people through melody and verse. For the first time in film, Kelly speaks candidly about the people who have helped shape his life and music.

Paul Kelly - Stories Of Me screens with a live performance from Paul Kelly at Hamer Hall on Saturday November 3.