Orange Is The New Black drops season six trailer

The animals, the animals... 

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years, you're probably well aquainted with the Lichfield inmates of Netflix's first breakthrough original series Orange Is The New Black

The fifth season of the show left us with a massive cliffhanger last year after the inmates staged a riot, killed a guard and the whole prison basically went to shit. After seeing the inmates herded onto separate buses, we were left wondering where the next season would be set and who we'd be seeing. Until today. 

Ahead of the season six premiere later this month, Netflix have dropped a new trailer for the season which answers as many questions as it raises. There are only a few weeks left until we can binge-watch the entire new season in one go but until then, get your fix of friendly Lichfield faces below: 

Orange Is The New Black season six hits Netflix on July 27.