Occupy Melbourne

After much organisation and deliberation, a date and location has finally been decided for Occupy Melbourne - the international day of protest.

It has been decided that the rally will begin at City Square on Saturday October 15, commencing at 10am. Occupy Melbourne is a non-violent protest as a means of sending a message to the financial sector worldwide. This day will be an international day of protest, with rallies being held at numerous locations worldwide, and simultaneous protests currently being planned in other Australian cities such as Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Sydney.
This rally is nothing to begin a war over, though, with the organisers stating that they expect non-violence towards all, co-operation with police, commitment to clean occupational space, liasing with local business and acceptance of different views whether they be left, right or otherwise.

This rally is part of a global movement and is the perfect opportunity for anyone interested to have their voices heard. For further information, visit Occupy Melbourne's official website.