Nico: Songs They Never Play on the Radio

What’s the central premise of your show? To explore the music and life of elusive German songstress, actress and model, Nico – not just the incredible, rich brilliance of her music, but her struggle to find her place in the world of rock music as a woman and the trends she’s set for others who’ve come after her.

How long did it take you to craft it? We’ve been working on the show for about five years. It’s come together more specifically in the past year, working with musicians, composers and curators.

What does your show say about society today? The tough struggles pioneering women had to go through to get their music represented and to pave the way for women to be taken seriously in creating not just music, but visceral rock music.

What was the creative process like putting the show together? We decided to incorporate a large array of instruments to help realise the potential of the music, away from usual “rock” instrument contexts. We wanted to make sure the show was about Nico’s music and not a biopic.

How does your show play with convention? We took songs that ordinarily are performed within a rock music context, and in our typical Forest Collective style we reimagined these for traditional, lush orchestral colours and presented the music and Nico’s story in a concert performance. Our aim is to bring the tradition and aesthetics of classical and contemporary classical music and warp it with other performance and musical styles.

Nico: Songs They Never Play on the Radio will play at the Main Theatre, Lithuanian Club from Friday September 14 to Sunday September 16. Ticket prices start at $22.