NGV is showing 800 rare pieces about Australia's dark colonial history

Want to see the first ever European drawing of a Kangaroo? 

We've got a pretty shady history, but whether you're a fan of Captain Cook or not, there are some pretty significant cultural and historical paintings and artefacts on show at the NGV this month, presenting our colonial past from both Aboriginal and European points of view. 

Colony: Australia 1770-1861 and Colony: Frontier Wars will run at the same time, so that punters can examine pieces by both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal artists, painted at around the same time, from the year Captain Cook arrived to the year the NGV itself was founded. 

There's the first ever European depiction of a kangaroo as well as a taxidermy specimen, 30 Indigenous warrior shields, and the earliest surviving photographs taken in Australia. 

Get ready for a profound gallery outing. 

The NGV's two large-scale colonial Australian exhibitions, Colony: Australia 1770-1861 and Colony: Frontier Wars are open to the public from Thursday March 15, and more info can be found via the NGV.