This new exhibition uncovers the turbulence of '70s Melbourne

War, peace, protest and rock 'n' roll. 

Putting It Out There: Melbourne in the 1970s reflects on and explores the ways in which the life of the city and society were shaped by the changing ideas and actions that took place at the time.

In an ever-changing social climate, people took to the streets, formed community groups, activist associations, and political parties. Music and theatre reflected the country's growing identity.  The young identified themselves as a Sharpie or Surfie, took courage to define their sexual identity, or simply enjoyed being young. 

The exhibition is built around memorabilia with clothing, kitchenware and LPs while flyers, posters and badges capture the causes that were passionately supported throughout the era. 

Putting It Out There: Melbourne in the 1970s runs from September 14 to January 14, 2019 at the RHSV