The National Theatre

Drama School – Trent Baker

How do National Theatre Drama School classes differ from other classes of their kind? They are taught by working industry professionals with decades of experience in theatre, TV and film. The National Theatre Drama School also has one of the most extensive film and TV training courses of any drama school in the country.
Because we aren't under the auspices of a university, our full-time students can concentrate more on the practicalities of learning how to act. It’s more like an apprenticeship than an intellectual course.  

Describe to us a typical National Theatre Drama School student? There is no typical student at the National Theatre Drama School. Students come from all walks of life, all different ages (from 5-65) and cultural backgrounds. They bring a variety of experiences and existing skills which they build on with our highly skilled staff. Students here learn best though when they are curious, brave, and committed.

What skills do you teach specific to your industry? Acting for stage and screen, movement, voice, yoga, text analysis, improvisation, theatre-making, Shakespeare, performance, industry knowledge. At the culmination of their three-year course full-time students are presented to the industry (Theatrical and casting agents, directors, producers etc) performing monologues and scenes as well as presenting film scenes. 

Can you compare a student that walks into a course to one that has just completed a course at your school? How do they blossom along the way? Students at the National, not only learn skills that apply to the acting world but to their everyday life. At the level of beginner’s courses people learn confidence, the ability to play, social skills and voice classes. At the more advanced end, with our three-year full-time acting course, students learn from a variety of teachers the skills needed to thrive and survive in the performing arts industry.

What’s some exciting National Theatre Drama School news you would like to share? National Alumni actor Bella Heathcote’s (Dark Shadows, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, 50 Shades darker) new Hollywood film Professor Marston and the Wonder Women has just been released in Australia.  2017 Graduate Harvey Zilenski has recently stared in the latest Red Stitch Show Hir by renowned performance artist, Taylor Mac.  


Ballet School – Joanne Griggs

What does The National Theatre Ballet School offer their students? The National Theatre Ballet School (NTBS, "The Nash") offers part-time and accredited full-time courses or all ages. Most importantly these classes are situated within one of Melbourne’s most historic theatre, which means the stage is available for many on-site professional performances.

How are NTBS courses unique? Professional dancers need to have stage experience. Our courses instils a professional understanding of stage-craft. This prepares them to enter the industry without further training.

How do your teachings foster a sense of community? Whether the students want to become professional dancers or just love dancing; we build classes from age three up, retaining students through participation, fun and inclusion for all.

Why is it important to learn something new? As a post-doctoral teacher with PhD in physiology, I understand how exercise and involvement in something new, impacts well-being. We all need to expand and grow to stay healthy and inspired.

Where does The National Theatre Ballet School turn to for inspiration? Dance is traditionally inspiring and every choreographer is compelled to extend their craft.  This makes dance forever new as we work to engage audiences in both traditional and contemporary creations.