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Simone Z Joined: 21st July 2011
Last seen: 17th August 2012
Old Bar
74-76 Johnston St

The Movement

There’s that ongoing debate between ‘street art’ or ‘vandalism’. Call it what you want, but many prove the artistic skill behind those pieces of art, and one such person is Melbourne street artist and designer, Views. 

His solo show, ‘The Movement’, will showcase a variety of original artworks for your visual pleasure. The name says it all. The exhibition is a whirlwind of edgy, colourful, in-your-face art that jumps off the canvas and slaps you in the face with a backhand. And then does it again. 

Not to be missed by any fan of street art, The Movement will head to The Old Bar Upstairs Gallery from August 14-25, open from midday ‘til 8pm.