Monty Python's Eric Idle discusses his life and career in Melbourne

The Monty Python star has lived a bright life.

Monty Python funnyman Eric Idle will be coming to Australia for a one-time only event at the Wheeler Centre later on this month.

Idle has had an incredible career, having worked across film and theatre, in addition to writing a number of books. Idle's most recent book, his autobiography, will be the topic of his event on Friday November 30.

His in-conversation, 'Eric Idle: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life', will unveil details from his new biography, of course named after the classic Life of Brian Hit. His book, which he claims to be a 'sortabiography', outlines his a star-studded career of comedy, books, play and broadway.

'Eric Idle: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life' is taking place at the Wheeler Centre on Friday November 30.