'The Money' set to open at Parliament House

UK theatre company Kaleider presents The Money, a 90-minute spectacle where audience members are the performers, and must decide on how to spend a pile of cash. Seems simple enough, right?

There are two ways to participate in The Money: as a Benefactor, you’ve paid for the privilege to participate in the game. It is these people who will decide how to spend the money on the table.
The decision must be unanimous, it must be within the law and it must be made by the end of the session. If these conditions are not met, the money rolls over to the next group of Benefactors.
Silent Witnesses can, however, buy in at any time and ultimately change the outcome of the game.
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The Money will unfold at The Parliament Of Victoria from October 19 to 23. Benefactor and Silent Witness tickets are available via the Melbourne Festival website.