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MIFF Week One: Reviewed in Limerick

We've almost hit the halfway mark of the Melbourne International Film Festival - how many films have you seen? While I'm only just getting started, here's a quick review of the films I've seen so far.
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13 Assassins (Japan)

Honour's not something that's bought,
But from family and peers it is taught,
Now these men of the sword,
Must kill a war lord,
As for blood and laughs, it’s not short.
Rating: A
Visit the MIFF website for more information.
Top Floor, Left Wing (France)

A hostage taken by father and son,
Trapped with drugs, no food and a gun,
And with all their debating,
Things keep escalating,
A pity real crimes are never this fun.
Rating: A-
Visit the MIFF website for more information.
Knuckle (Ireland)
From one Irish brawl on the piss,
Led to generations of fighting bare fist,
But amidst the bones breaking,
What I find most shaking:
It’s a doco, these people exist.
Rating: B
Visit the MIFF website for more information.
Into Eternity (Denmark)

If we bury the world's nuclear waster,
Will future beings find where it’s placed?
Do we tell them to mind it,
Or hope they don’t find it?
This is the big question that’s faced.
Rating: B-
Visit the MIFF website for more information.
The Guard (Ireland)

This buddy-cop film is one of a kind,
Cheadle straight-face, Gleeson out of his mind,
But it’s not only the thugs,
Into guns, pros and drugs,
As dialogue goes, this won't be outshined.
Rating: A+
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Stay tuned for more reviews from the final week...