MICF Menu: Tuesday April 4

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is back and Beat Magazine is proud to present MICF Menu - your inside track to all the delectable treats of this year’s festival season. Hope you’ve left some room since last festival, because this year’s program serves up a veritable smorgasbord of shows. I’m Nick Mason and I’ll be previewing each day of the festival before it happens, from recommendations to one-off events and even special offers.

It’s the first Tightarse Tuesday of the festival. If you’re looking to see comedy on the cheap, tonight’s the night. Not sure what’s on? Let’s just dive on in, starting with the early shows.
MICF ENTREES (Early Shows, until 7pm)

Jared Jekyll - Young, Dumb & Full of Pun
Plenty of ingredients go into Jared Jekyll’s latest comedy concoction - you’ve got rap, beatbox and traditional stand-up, with a dash of Dad jokes for good measure. The word multi-talented springs to mind. In case you’re not completely convinced just yet, he’s supported the likes of Tom Green and Ari Shaffir. And there it is - you’re interested now, aren’t you? Catch this Sydney favourite tonight, 6pm at the Victoria Hotel.

Funny Tails
Improv with pets? To quote short-lived and slightly-obscure video game character Bubsy the Bobcat, what could possibly go wrong? For all the worst case scenarios you could conjure, though, one indisputable fact remains: Funny Tails is the cutest show in the festival. Head down to The Tuxedo Cat - because of course it’s at The Tuxedo Cat - and treat yourself to a family-friendly romp with adorable kitties and pups from Pets Haven. Today’s show kicks off at 3pm.

MICF MAIN MEALS (Prime Time, 7pm-10pm)

Demi Lardner - Look What You Made Me Do
Demi Lardner’s list of accolades is impressive, from winning Raw Comedy in 2013 to being named Best Newcomer in last year’s Sydney Comedy Festival. Now she’s only gone and smashed her debut Gala spot, too, emerging as one of the evening’s most memorable acts. Basically, she’s on a roll. The reviews for this show have been flooding in and people are celebrating Lardner’s quirky combination of sketch comedy, music and props. My advice? Going by word-of-mouth, you should grab a ticket ASAP. It’s all happening at the Melbourne Town Hall 7pm tonight.

Ivan Aristeguieta - Juithy
In much the same way as Demi Lardner nailed her Gala spot this year, Venezuelan-born comic Ivan Aristeguieta did the same in 2016, his popularity promptly exploding. He’s a comic renowned for his charm and charisma, as well as his expertise in dissecting the peculiarities of Australian culture. And guess what? People can’t get enough of it. Already, Aristeguieta has been adding shows to his season and looks set to enjoy another huge Melbourne International Comedy Festival overall. You can catch him at ACMI, 7pm tonight.

MICF DESSERTS (Late Shows, 10pm onwards)

Laura Davis - Cake in the Rain
Every year, with every festival season, Laura Davis steps up to the plate. You need only look to glowing reviews of her past shows Ghost Machine and Marco? Polo! For proof. Through in the fact that she won the 2015 Golden Gibbo and, honestly, what more do you need to know? With plenty of word-of-mouth praise for Cake in the Rain, it seems Davis might have hit yet another home run. See for yourself - head to Fort Delta tonight, 10pm.

Paul Richards - The Echo Chamber
If you’re looking for a serve of late night political comedy, look no further. Pitched as a blend of lecture and topical satire Paul Richards’ show calls upon the audience to effectively set the direction of the show. Explains the title, right? Richards promises “wry observation, gratuitous swearing and good old-fashioned British sarcasm”. If that sounds like your cup of tea, head to The Butterfly Club for a 10pm helping of everything you already believed. Sounds great, to be honest.

MICF SPECIALS (One-Offs and Discounts)
Tonight at The Festival Club, the ABC are recording a special to be broadcast later this year. You’re in for an awesome time, courtesy of MC DeAnne Smith (CAN/USA), Guy Montgomery (NZ), Ahir Shah (UK), Danielle Walker, Des Bishop (IRL/USA), Neeti Palta (IN), Steve Bugeja (UK), Daniel Townes and Simon Taylor. Doors are 11.15pm.

So there’s a list of recommendations to help you decide what to see this evening at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. MICF Menu will return tomorrow with more recommendations.