A meteor shower is happening this weekend, so don't miss it

One of the most visually stunning showers of the astronomical calendar. 

This weekend the Orionid meteor shower will take place – one of the brightest and fastest showers you'll ever have the chance to see.
It's well worth having a crack, because if it's visible, the next sighting won't be until 2061. By then, we'll live our lives exclusively within the digital realm, and you'll be able to select 'meteor shower' as the screensaver for your life making the act of physically seeing one completely arbitrary. 
But I digress. This weekend, it's all about catching this magical phenomenon as it happens. 
Astronomy programs coordinator and Very Smart Person™ Melissa Hulbert said Sunday morning would offer the best chance to see the meteor shower in a chat with Broadsheet
“The Orionid meteor shower (which takes its names from the constellation Orion) will appear from October 2 to November 7 but will be the most prolific on October 21."
“Its [peak] could be within a day either side of this date and is most visible between midnight and a few hours before dawn." 

More details on how to best see the meteor shower here