Melbourne's mesmerising House of Mirrors is sticking around a little longer

The popular attraction saw 30,000 people enter during Melbourne Festival.

The House of Mirrors attraction has extended its stay until Sunday November 19 due to popular demand. Originally opened on the Arts Centre’s forecourt as part of 2017’s Melbourne Festival, this creation from Christian Wagstaff and Keith Courtney will remain on site for an extra four weeks.

Designed to mess with your mind the idea may seem simple but the execution is beautiful. The labyrinth is made of 40 tonnes of steel and 15 tonnes of mirrored glass to distort perceptions and create illusions.

The installation befuddled visitors in Sydney, Hobart, Adelaide and Bendigo, but it has received the most love in its Melbourne location. 

Visitors were left saying they should have brought a picnic with them as they got so lost and took a while to find their way out. Others simply warned that if you move too fast you end up walking into yourself a lot, while one person sympathised with birds banging into mirrors.

The best part is that you can experience this maze yourself, all for just ten dollars. So, if you’re not a fan of horse racing or you’ve got some free time up your sleeve, the House of Mirrors has you covered.

The House of Mirrors is open from 10am to 10pm every day until Sunday November 19 at the Arts Centre’s Forecourt.