Melbourne Symphony Orchestra team up with Circus Oz for 'Tutti'

Defying all odds in a genre-busting project. 

From backflips and tricks to soaring orchestral melodies, The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra is joining forces with Circus Oz for a brand new collaboration. 

Tutti will feature mesmerising circus alongside a live score from the MSO, performing renowned classical Australian works. 

Expect a dazzling evening of excitement, and thrilling acrobatics as moments of pure risk, beauty, complexity, virtuosity and maybe even some irreverence, come together to celebrate the common thread between music and silence, circus and stillness, tension and release.

The MSO will perform before a spanning truss arch reminiscent of a violin bridge and the circus artists will emerge throughout the performance, balancing on giant strings and physically forming the shape of music in this truly spectacular show of aerial work, acrobatics, flying trumpeters, and even a human metronome. 

"Expect stunning circus skills and exquisite music in this special concert event," said MSO conductor Benjamin Northey. "I’m honoured to be leading two of Melbourne’s iconic creative companies through the dazzling heights of your favourite classical works while death-defying stunts surround us on stage. This will certainly be a magical evening for everyone, young and old." 

Tutti: MSO X Circus Oz goes down at Hamer Hall on Friday September 7 and Saturday September 8.