Melbourne now has a Harry Potter-inspired escape room

Alohomora won’t cut it.

You can now mix the adrenaline rush of attempting an escape room with your Harry Potter obsession.

Melbourne’s Trapt is adding to its roster of puzzle solving challenges with a Harry Potter-inspired escape room.

You and four pals can race against the clock to solve a series of riddles and find the Philosopher’s Stone. Even better, you can book Trapt’s two identical ‘Alchemy’ rooms at once and race against your friends.

Accompanying the escape rooms is a bar serving both alcoholic and non-alcoholic themed drinks, should you need something to calm your nerves.

The wizard-friendly menu includes ‘Flying Cauldron’ butterscotch beer, ‘Potion of Fire’ spiced rum, and blueberry and cardamom-flavoured ‘Exhibito Noctis’.

Trapt is located on Lonsdale Street in the CBD, where you’ll also find the Wonderland, Espionage and Prohibition-themed escape rooms.

Meave Kerr-Crowley via FJ

Note: This is not an official Harry Potter event. 

Find Trapt  on 377 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC.