Melbourne beaches enable 24-hour disabled access in Australian first

In an Australian first, both Altona and Williamstown beaches will become the first in the country to offer 24-hour access for those with disabilities. 

The Hobsons Bay beaches have now installed foreshore mats that allow those with wheelchairs - as well as prams and mobility aids - to move along the sand. Beach wheelchairs will also be made available for use at no extra cost. 
"We've got a high proportion of our community that has a disability and the community's been crying out for this for some time," said Hobsons Bay Deputy Mayor to 9 News
There are plans for the more accessibility beach maps to be rolled out across the city, with current trials going on in Mount Martha, as well as plans to extend them to St Kilda Beach and all patrolled Penisula beaches. 
The accessibility provisions will allow those with disabilities to easily access and use the beach. 
Source: 9 News
Image: Flickr 

Beach wheelchair bookings can be made through the respective councils and life saving clubs.