This Melbourne artist has recreated a '90s milk bar

Step into the '90s milk bar of your dreams.

Local Artist Callum Preston is bringing a devoted recreation of '90s milk bars to Collingwood’s RVCA Corner Gallery. The fully immersive work will be bursting with stacks of old magazines, lollies, soft drinks, and basketball cards - with one catch: they’re all made of wood.

Under the buzz of era-faithful neon lights, attendees will be struck by the level of detail in each piece, handmade by Callum Preston himself. The nostalgia meter will definitely be running high.

The work was inspired by Preston’s memories of his childhood milkbar and has been constructed purposefully to feel like a wistful dream of the after-school haven.

“Nowadays we all live on the internet so much,” said Preston. “I just love that, in that time of the milk bar and my childhood, there was always a new story to hear, some local gossip, or a newspaper headline that was breaking news. I loved my growing up in the burbs. Some of my fondest memories are from simple times sitting outside the milk bar, eating a Sunnyboy and skateboarding in the car park.”

Callum Preston's MILK BAR opens on Friday December 1 and runs until Sunday December 10 at the RVCA Corner Gallery, Collingwood. For more info see red-magpie.com