Megan Washington, the MSO, and 'Rainbow Vomit': Meet Melbourne's new music and arts festival

A whimsical and jam-packed new festival that celebrates jazz, classical and experimental theatre called MLive is launching.

With a program featuring eye-catching titles such as Wood, Metal and Vibrating Air Piano Recital, Rainbow Vomit and Spinifex Gum designed to peak your curiosity, MLIVE is bringing culture, arts and music to Melbourne's South Eastern suburbs.

There's jazz shows by Megan Washington and Vince Jones, rare and exclusive performances from the MSO, and a theatrical performance called Rainbow Vomit that we're pretty sure involves unicorns. 

Hosted by Monash University, the festival has also organised some thought-provoking and politically-charged events, including a stage show called Spinifex Gum which explores the social and political issues of WA region Pilbara, and features a choir of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teenagers, along with Felix Reibl (The Cat Empire), musician/politician Peter Garrett, Ollie McGill (The Cat Empire), Australian hip hop legend Briggs and Torres Strait-Australian singer Christine Anu. 

Another evocative performance on the bill is Belarus Free Theatre's work, Generation Jeans, which examines the personal anecdote of a man growing up in Soviet-era Belarus, who tries to run a bootleg vinyl and blue jeans hustle under the radar of vicious KGB agents. 

There's plenty more on the program, so if any of those seem like your jam, make sure you check out the full schedule.  

MLIVE Festival begins in March. Tickets and the full program guide are available here