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Marvel Street Art Battle

Before May 2012 when Marvel's The Avengers hits the screen, a themed art event for Marvel enthusiasts will take place in Melbourne's RTIST Gallery in Prahan.

The Marvel Street Art Battle, a public event, will showcase two of Australia's leading street artists. The two artists will go head to head in an attempt to out do each other in bringing to life Marvel characters. The all ages event, hosted by an emcee and a local DJ will allow the attendees to decide on a winner. Alongside the art competition will be Marvel prizes and least forgotten, the great Marvel comic penciller, inker, colourist and cover artist David Yardin. Yardin is known for an endless amount of works including covers for Spider-Man, The Avengers, The Hulk, Iron Man, X-Factor and X-Men. The unveiling of Yardin's work which will remain in a week-long exhibition at the gallery will be opened at the event.

The Marvel themed event On Saturday January 14 next year will run from 2pm-5pm at RTIST Gallery on Edmonds Road in Prahan.