Manflower Co.

What is the story behind Manflower Co? You know how difficult it is to find a gift for him, especially when you need something little to show your appreciation. For us girls, we have multiple options with flowers being the most popular solution as it ticks all the boxes in terms of price point, satisfaction and convenience. The ability to order online and arrange delivery makes it even more appealing for the time poor customer. Manflower Co realised there wasn’t a quick and easy solution that provided the same service for the man in our life and set out to resolve this problem with the creation of manflowers, a package of craft beer, delivered to him.
Describe a typical Manflower Co client? You are like us, feel bloody lucky to have found a good man (thank goodness that mission is over) and enjoy surprising him with cool stuff.
What is it about Valentines Day that inspired you to create Manflower Co? V-day is a day we can unleash our inner romantic and spread love around the place a little more than usual, however we felt the gifting side of things lacked options for the man in our life. A small gesture is all we were after.
When a man receives manflowers, what do you wish them to feel? You know that cheeky grin he does when he's delighted, a bit like when he sees you walk through the door, that's what he's guaranteed to feel when he pop's the lid of his beer.

Head to their website to find out more. Valentine’s Day orders close Sunday February 12.