Malthouse Theatre 2013 Season Program

Whenever a theatre considers their program for the next year, it's often handpicked and dutifully considered, as each product should have the ability to transport its audience to unique realms of their imagination. The 2013 Season Program for the Malthouse Theatre does just that.

Comprising of a collection of works that explore identity, relationships and take you on quests to the unknown, Hate will do this. Illustrating the story of a dysfunctional, megalomaniac family, Hate explores how power, corruption, greed affect our relationships. 247 Days dabbles in various perceptions of the world and the dynamism of our world, while Dance of Death explores the concept that anguish can fuel love in a dying marriage.
For lovers of the classical literature to theatre, the Malthouse will be hosting an adaption of Angela Carter's feminist fairytale The Bloody Chamber. While White Rabbit, Red Rabbit delves into the complications of immigration, national identity in other countries around the world.

A full program of the 2013 Season at The Malthouse Theatre and ticketing information can be found online.