Mae Martin delivers a perfect five-star show in 'Dope'


Taking the stage at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for the second year now, Mae Martin’s Friday night show played out like a preview performance for all those that attended. If the Canadian-born, UK-based comic’s second show of the season is anything to go off, the rest of the month will be filled with her unbeatable charisma and quirky sense of humour.
With running themes of addiction, fandom and obsession, Mae began her show by admitting that from a young age she was, and still is, fascinated by the one and only Bette Middler. Taking us through the trials and tribulations of her love for the incredible entertainer, the international comedian’s ability to immerse her audience in her child-like fantasies is unparalleled.
Using the performance as an avenue to the perfect set, Mae’s delivery saw her bringing a truly raw energy to the Melbourne Town Hall Powder Room. Asking the audience how her set was going throughout, the female comic is unexplainably likeable and sends out punch lines without even realising. While her intention was to remove the ‘not-so-good’ parts of her performance, we all agreed that there was nothing whatsoever to be rid of.
Describing the beginnings of her career as a comedian, Mae’s first solo show ran at the age of 15. Using the smallest of details to reel us in, from her choice of outfit to her thoughts about her younger years, she left us wishing we could’ve seen her during her prime. Moving to her drug addiction, her rehab stint and that time she almost had a threesome – Mae allowed us to be a part of her past and it only made us adore her even more. Paying close attention to the importance of self-reflection, admission and seeing the funny side, Dope was exactly that.
In her second year at Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Mae managed to smash her show out of the park through simple wit and endearing charm. In doing so, she left an ever-lasting impression. Somewhat of a hidden gem, Mae Martin is the definition of humble; however, she is more than worthy of the ‘next big thing in comedy’ title. Get in and witness it for yourselves, she’s here all month.
By Phoebe Robertson