LOST: 5 by Daniel Keene

What is LOST: 5 by Daniel Keene about? LOST: 5 by Daniel Keene is the interpretation of five monologues by Award-winning Australian playwright, Daniel Keene. Some of the characters are homeless; some are in danger of becoming homeless. All are lost; lost to their families, to the world around them and sometimes, to themselves.
What do you hope the audience will take away from the show? We hope audiences will consider the multi-faceted issue of the vulnerable and homeless in our society. They are our sons, our daughters, our mothers and fathers. They are human and deserve our understanding, compassion and assistance.
What inspired LOST: 5 by Daniel Keene? Major Brendan Nottle (Salvation Army) is dedicated to improving the situation for the vulnerable and homeless reminding us that these people have been affected by mental illness, addiction and violence, sometimes years before they end up on the streets.
How did you come across Daniel Keene’s monologues? I’ve always admired Daniel Keene’s work so the pairing of these beautiful yet emotionally raw monologues with a cause close to my heart seemed like a good fit. We’ve enjoyed exploring the mixture of storytelling and reflection, comedy and drama inherent in each.
What can we expect to see/hear/feel? Variety. An old woman who’s filled her house with so many things she now lives outside wandering the streets; a street-wise individual making unusual choices; a savvy drifter recalling his last days on earth; a young runaway looking for a brighter future; a widower who is lost without his partner.

LOST: 5 by Daniel Keene will feature at Irene Mitchell Studio, South Yarra from Wednesday November 22 to Sunday December 3, as part of Poppy Seed Festival.